Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2011 for Us

In 2011 we learned a lot, struggled a lot and gained a lot.  Without our faith in Jesus Christ and our constant prayers we would not be where we are right now in 2012.  Here is a recap of what we (mainly I) did in 2011.

This quilt was made for a co-worker of Keith's at the fire station as a wedding gift.

This Turning Twenty quilt made with 12 fat quarter instead of the traditional 20 fat quarters was made for Keith's Mom as a 60th birthday gift.

This patchwork baby quilt was made for my sister's best friend who had her first child.

This All About Me quilt was made for my Dad.  This quilt is all about him in that the fabric used represents his life to include sailing, the railroad, wood, trees, marbles and tons of tools.

We have come to love Saanen goats and have done our homework and found out that goat milk does not affect my tummy.  We are preparing to get goats this year.  Until then I will continue to visit Bob and Tammy's goats when I visit my sister.  They are the sweetest people and goats.

My sister and I visited the Bahama's.

Keith and I went camping at West Point Lake and had a nice quiet week with a visit from some dear friends and my Dad.

We got two baby chicks that are both roosters.  It is not very funny but they are very pretty.  (We had a fox get one of them Sunday morning.  We are trying to nurse him to better health.)

I made homemade vanilla extract without all the nasty chemicals.

My dear husband made me a nice barrel composter that spins all the way around.

We also got two kittens.  Oscar and Curtis are our watch cats for the yard.  But they have been inside since the fox scare.  I don't want a fox to get them or for them to get in the trap that we have set in case the fox tries to come back.

We added a lean-to to the left side of our shop that the boat sits under.

And I made some new friends in Christ.  These are my Yada-Yada girls.  We hold each other accountable in our day to day struggles according to God's will.

In addition to all of these things above:
~I Canned Apple Sauce
~I Made Apple Butter
~I Mastered Whole Wheat Bread (we now eat it as our only bread)
~I Made a Picnic Quilt
~My Mom got Married (A LOT of praying then)
~I Now Sell Arbonne
~I work part-time at a quilt store Sew Much Fun

Ummm... so much more but I will end now.

Happy 2012!

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Fred Feaster said...

My talented daughter, love the quilt and all the other results of your endeavors. Thank You!