Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sending Cards

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I love, love, love getting a card in the mail for my birthday or any occasion for that matter. It is such a joy when you are expecting yet another utility bill and you have a nice pretty envelope addressed to you in the mailbox. So if you like me, love getting a card in the mail I figured I would share how to pass that joy on.

I send cards for numerous reason. Some of them are:

  • to thank a friend or family member for hosting me/us for an overnight visit

  • to thank a friend for the kind words that cheered me up on a not so happy day

  • to thank a friend or family member for a gift (birthday, Christmas or just because)

  • to let someone know that I was thinking of them

  • to let someone know how much they mean to me

  • to thank them for the nice meal and for inviting us over

  • to share a magazine clipping that reminded me of them

  • to say Happy Birthday

  • to say Happy Anniversary

  • to congratulate them on a pregnancy

  • to let them know we are praying for them in a time of need

Normally at the beginning or end of the year I will buy a good amount of kids birthday cards, adult birthday cards, thank you cards and blank cards. I have gotten them from Target, but mainly I get them from Current, Trader Joe's and Lifeway. Current has really good prices and cards, they are not flimsy. The cards can be as low in price as 32 cents. Trader Joe's are 99 cents and very pretty. I like to get thank you cards that are smaller in size from my local Lifeway store for a quick note that I might write out while waiting in line at the bank or killing time in town at the library.

I hope that this post will help you put a little joy into someones life.

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Jennifer said...

Its so nice getting something good in the mail, instead of just bills and junk... think I need to send my besties a thoughtful card soon.