Sunday, April 4, 2010

A Spring Weekend & GIVEAWAY

This weekend has been really a GREAT weekend for us. We started it off by having my Mom and Aunt Margaret over Friday night and then also Saturday morning (my Mom helped with some sewing/ironing that I will tell about later). Saturday morning for me was working inside with all the windows open enjoying God's air, for Keith it was redoing the mailbox and fixing our shower drain. After a great lunch outside my Mom left I could not bring myself to go back in the house. I watched Keith cut, weed eat, edge the grass and blow off the sidewalk, driveway and patio. I watched the pigs sleep and lay around, the chickens lay a few eggs that were still wet with the protective coating to protect them from absorbing the odors of the other foods in the fridge and watch my outside cat Coco lay under the bird feeder. The bird feeder has been there for about two months and I have never seen her near it but Saturday she was sleeping, giving herself a bath under it and staring at it. But no birdies lives were taken this weekend.
Then after my dear husband put all the lawn equipment back on his trailer I got him to put a clothesline up for us. Before he even said he would do it I had a load of laundry in the washer waiting to be dried. It went up and maybe 10 minutes later the clothes went up to. Sadly I didn't have enough clothes pins, so I did the larger items and left the other stuff in the dryer until I had enough to dry.

Do you guys know that a normal load in my front loader dryer take 100 minutes and sometimes longer to dry but outside in God's sun and air it took a whooping 35 minutes and I, for who knows why put them in the dryer for 15 minutes when I brought them in. I think I did this to fluff them up and get some of the lint off that didn't come off in the wash.

Today, Sunday I did 4 loads of clothes from 4:30pm to 7'ish. I can't believe it, I could not have even done that many in the house with this modern so called hi-tech stuff we get sucked into buying.
So not only did I get A LOT of clothes washed and dried before dinner but I saved energy, I saved money and best of all I took advantage of the earth the way God designed it to be used.

So because it was such a great weekend for me and that I loved taking advantage of the earth the way it is suppose to be used I am giving away a:

9 foot retractable clothesline (can be used indoors or outside)
100 clothes pins
Spray Bottle of Homemade Wrinkle Releaser

My husband suggested that everyone leave a comment of your favorite laundry (preferable clothesline) experience.

I will pick a winner on Sunday, April 11th. So leave a comment and tell a friend or two.


SGS said...

I'm in! There's nothing like the smell of sheets that've spent the day flapping in the breeze. you brought back many childhood memories with your post. Please enter me for your giveaway ...time to recapture some of my youth!

Tara said...

My husband put up a 40 foot clothes line for me last summer and we have to use upside down rakes to hold it up in two places because the weight of half a load of laundry has it dragging on the ground! (and far too close to dog messes!) I would love to know what you put in your wrinkle releaser!

It's also one of my favorite ways to take pictures of quilts! And nothing smells better than freshly washed and sun dried pillowcases to lay your head on at night!!!

San-Dee said...

Maybe I'll be lucky number three! my dad made these long stakes that had a groove in the end for the line to go through, then you pushed that end up toward the sky and the other end against the ground to hold the lines up between clothes.

It may sound silly, but one of my favorites is the "scratchiness" of towels dried on the line. It feels kind of rough the first time you use it, then it gets soft. I vote for fresh sheets, too, especially old cotton ones that are really soft.