Sunday, March 1, 2009

Hellen's Trip to the Vet

Hellen's leg did get better and we were able to put her back in the brooder with the other baby chicks. But I kept noticing that her eye was still not opening. So after a week of dropping water on it hoping that it would open up I decided to take her to the family vet. I didn't know if her eyeball never formed or if her eye lids didn't form correctly and could not open. I was really worried that she would get pecked at or picked on since she was half the size of everyone else. I was not sure what I would put her but decided that a picnic basket would be perfect. Here is the picture of her in the basket Friday on the way to Valley Vet in Pine Mountain. Dr. Rachel said that there was a eyeball that it was grey due to the infection and nasty stuff on it. She gave her some medicated drops and I have to open her eye lid daily and put a few drops on her eye. So far it has not opened but this is only the 3rd day. Keep your fingers crossed that her eye will heal and she will grow some feathers like all the others.

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