Saturday, July 5, 2008

Grandma's Famous Peach Jelly

Grandma has been making this great jelly since I was a baby and probably longer than that. So every year when June comes around and peaches are at the best it is always like a treasure hunt to find the best ones. Between me and her looking for the best peaches, I think we went to about 8 different grocery stores and farmers market and could find nothing but small hard cling peaches. That meant we needed to take a road trip. Grandma had to make jelly or the summer would not have been complete for her to not be able to pass the jars out to family and friends. So one Saturday; Grandma, Margaret and me went to Reynolds, Georgia and bought some big and ripe peaches from Taylor Orchards. These were the good kind, they did not stick to the pit so peeling them and mushing them the next week was a cinch.

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