Tuesday, June 10, 2008

3rd New Year’s Resolution Update

The blogging my progress is helping. Here are my new results:

1. Lose 15 – 20 pounds by my birthday (August 10th) ~~ I have lost 14 pounds to date. I seem to be stuck but I will soon overcome it.

2. See grandparents at least twice a month ~~ I haven’t quite seen both of them twice but defiantly have picked up the phone plenty of times.

3. Don’t eat junk food ~~ I do this one about once a week, just to make sure I don’t go crazy and over indulge.

4. Write more letters instead of email. ~~ I do this one for sure.

5. Say my prayers before bedtime ~~ I do this one all the time now.

6. Recycle more ~~ I am doing this at home and work all the time.

7. Be cautious of how I treat people ~~ I am doing this one, most of the time.

8. Give complements, don’t be afraid to say them ~~ I love this one, and I am doing great.

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